Symperious Ai

Ai driven predictive signal detection and risk management software

Identifying accurate data sources of potential ADR that impacts patient’s health is of WHO and other Health Agencies’ highest priority. With the advent of new generation technologies combined with Artificial intelligence (Ai) and innovative methods, Symbiance AI is working towards developing Industries best data capture and statistically driven analytics platform to detect, validate and evaluate signals from the pharmacovigilance data.

Data Mart, Analytics, Signal Management, Made Easy

Our Signal Detection platform technology is designed by through understanding of both Clinical & post market drug safety knowledge and safety insight, analytics, visualization with powerful data combinations. It's easy-to-implement, on demand platform that enables in-depth, real-time adverse event - drug combination analysis, validation and management of signal at all levels for regulatory purpose.

Our Signal platform is easily optimizable to access structured data form:

- Your company licensed safety database(s)

- Spontaneous reporting data from the FDA Adverse Event Reporting System (FAERS)

- WHO-VigiBase system

- Eudravigilance from EMA

This helps your team members to access all the safety data at one place to perform analysis and signals

We implemented market standard methodologies to assess the data for a clear outcome.

Advanced Datamining, Statistical Analyses and Visualisation

Our statistical metrics are:

- PRR, ROR, OE, Chi-Square scores

- Bayesian statistics of EBGM, MGPS, IC and confidence intervals

- Data from peer-reviewed and published literatures safety algorithms

Regulatory Authorities Worldwide expect Pharmaceutical companies to implement a methodological process to identify the signals for safety of their products in use. There is a standard GVP Module IX issued by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) which is a golden standard followed by the pharma industries around the globe.

Our Pharmacovigilance professionals help you to understand connect the guidelines with our signalling software for better analysis and management of reports.Our system generated reports helps medical safety reviewers with insights to decide on the signal strength and further monitoring